Great Flex Belt Reviews: Great Workouts and Solid Abs in Just Six Weeks!

Abdominal training is a lot of hard work and it’s taking too much of ourtime at the gym. Those never ending reps of crunches and leg-raises is taking longer than cardio workouts and they’re even more difficult to do. Is there is no way around it? We’ll, not so according to Flex Belt reviews.

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Let’s Do the Math

Ab workouts are long and intense because there are so many details to consider. When you are working on your biceps, you are only concerned with two muscles.

And it’s so easy to make the biceps look good because if you are lean enough, the vein that will run down the center will highlight the separation.amazing woman's abs

Triceps training involve three parts which you can easily expose when you tuck your arms to your side and squeeze hard.

The quadriceps have four muscle groups.

That’s already too tough for most people.

But, at least you can evade the squat as leg presses can pretty much take care of bringing all four “heads” out. Do the Math

Now, the abs has six musclesat the center plus two more on the sides which brings the number to eight. Imagine trying to develop eight muscles. Plus, you are also trying to burn the fat around the belly, those layers of fat that hide the eight chunks of muscles that you are working hard at.

By sheer number, abdominal workouts will take most of your gym hours because you need more exercise variations and angles to bring all eight muscles out. Then, you cannot shorten the sets with added resistance because what you are after is not bulk but toning with the greatest collateral – fat burning.

Ab Workout Technology

In this age of technology, we already have a way around the long ab workouts in the form of an electric ab belt. But don’t confuse the electric ab belt with a girdle.

The girdle is a wrap-around that squeezes your belly to make it appear smaller. You wear a girdle inside your shirt so no one will see you’re wearing one and they’ll think you actually have a compact mid-section.

However, wearing a girdle robs your abdominal muscles of that simple work of holing your innards in place. Prolonged wearing of girdles will make your belly even flabbier too. Moreover, girdles have no use in the beach where you have to be shirtless.

The electric ab belt, on the other hand, is also something that you put around your belly but without the intention of artificially making your belly look smaller.An electric ab belt is a device that forces your abdominal muscles to contract as if you are doing an abdominal workout.

And, it is not just an abdominal exercise. Depending on what brand and type of electric ab belt you are using, the most comprehensive belt can stimulate all your muscles in the mid-section and the obliques all at the same time. It’s like doing crunches, leg-raises and alternate side knee-raises all at the same time!

Do Electric Ab Belts Work?

It really depends on what you are after.If your idea and purpose for a workout is to have an actual activity that will occupy your time then, what you need is an actual workout at the gym, doing all those sets and reps.

But, if your purpose is to work your abdominal muscles to increase their size and definition then, the electric ab belt will do exactly that. Your ab muscles will contract over and over again. Your ab muscles will even feel sore after wearing the electric ab belt.

Ab belt reviews from everyday folks and prominent personalities show that millions are already using the electric ab belt and have been achieving great results as seen from before and after photos.

What are the Advantages of a Flex Belt?

1. Pure Abdominal Contraction

When you are doing the regular abdominal exercises, it is only normal to use other muscles to help out your abs when they are starting to get tired. So call this cheating but, it is actually unavoidable.

Electric ab belts focus on where the transmitters are attached. These are the only muscles that will get a workout with the same degree of contraction over and over again until you take off the belt or adjust the intensity,if your electric ab belt has this feature.

2. Multi-angle contraction

Leg RaiseTo hit all the abdominal muscles you normally have to do crunches to work the upper abs, leg-raises to work the lower abs and alternate twisting knee-raises to work the obliques. But a good electric ab belt will have several transmitters on it, targeting all the ab muscles.

Wearing the electric ab belt is like doing crunches, leg-raises andalternate twisting knee-raises all at the same time, hitting the abs from all angles for a complete ab workout.


3. Convenience

Since the electric ab belt is just something that you wear, you can have your ab workout anywhere while doing anything except swimming and taking a shower of course.

You can just work out the other body partsin the gym, and have your electric ab belt workout at home or in the office.

Any Limitations?

The electric ab belt gives the abdominal muscles a workout and makes them bigger and more defined but, all these things would not mean a thing if you have lots of belly fat.You have to supplement your electric ab belt workouts with a diet program that will increase your metabolism and burn body fat so that there is almost nothing between your ab muscles and your skin. Only then will your six pack become visible.

What’s the Best Electric Ab Belt?

The best ab belt in the market is the Ab Flex Belt. Let’s explain why:

1. It has 150 levels of intensity. This means that the workouts will always be significant because there is always a next level which will tax your ab muscles that are growing in strength and stamina.

2. The belt can accommodate a waist size over 44 inches. It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight – this belt will work for you.

3. It has a rechargeable power supply unit so you can charge it at home and bring it wherever you have the time for an ad workout.

4. Best of all, Flex Belt guarantees results after 6 weeks and has a 60-day money back guarantee. Zero financial risk there.

Ab flex belt reviews are indeed very positive and now you even have a chance to personally try it out free from financial risks. So start your most productive ab workouts today with the Flex Belt and see what happens in six weeks.